Your Turn

How long have you been holding back from doing something that you've been wanting to do creatively? We’ve all done it, why is that? For some, like me, it may be a time issue. I simply am not committing the time needed to make it happen. Others may feel it as a risk or fear in shifting their focus, even momentarily. The point is not why you haven't done it yet, the point is why you should do it.  

Just think, pushing that project through could be the one thing that opens your mind to a different creative process. It could show others and yourself that you're capable of more than what you have been sharing publicly up to this point. Sometimes us creatives get more caught up in what others are working on that we become distracted and even demotivated to create. I am not sure why we tend to feel that way sometimes. It seems like, if anything, it should be a catalyst for inspiration, and push you to move forward with that project you've been putting off. 

Look at it this way, you don't know what you can create until you do it. You could have done some amazing work in the past, but you won’t do any more amazing work until you go do it. Inaction is worse than any creative risk you could ever assume. Inaction is what fuels the mind to become distracted and uninspired.  

I challenge everyone to push that creative project you've been wanting to do to the head of the priority list. Promise yourself that you will make time to create something new without anyone but yourself speaking into the direction. 

This could be the one piece of content/art that you could be remembered and revered for. It could be the photograph that changes the course of your work from here on out. It could be the song that opens a new door. It’s your turn, go and make it.