2 Hour Critique + Strategic Action Session

Refine the quality of your work while gaining direction in client growth, marketing and building your brand.

If you're feeling stuck, unsure you're on the right path, or have specific questions, this one on one session is for you.

  • Refine your vision for your business and creative approach.
  • Highlight key areas of improvement and identify strengths.
  • Implement a 30 day plan for growth and success. 


1 Day Tech + Lighting Workshop

Experience first hand a professional capture process and gain an understanding of light shaping techniques.

This is a hands on training for those who have mastered their camera and natural light environments, but are ready to learn...

  • Multiple forms of lighting and different techniques.
  • Mixing light sources.
  • Identifying and reverse-engineering lighting setups.
  • On-set capture processes and editing. 
  • Working with grip and light shaping tools/modifiers. 
  • File management and post-shoot workflow.


1 Day Intensive

A custom designed in-depth training and strategy session focused on helping you reach your goals.

There is no better word to describe this one on one training session with Cameron. The great thing about the one day intensive is that you can be at any place in your business. We work with artists who have been shooting for years, but desired a fresh look and realignment of their strategic direction. We also work with artists who are just beginning to get their business off the ground, where growth is crucial to sustainability.  

  • Pre-Intensive conference call.
  • 8 hour deep dive into the goals of your business and shooting process.
  • Build a custom focused session on the areas you want to grow and improve.
  • Create a defined action plan to jumpstart your growth within the next 90 days.
  • Learn to amplify your strengths and build momentum with your business.


6 Week Mentorship

Engage this remarkable opportunity for your craft and business to be pushed, empowered and enriched. 

Like the one day intensive, this is for artists at any point in their business or creative growth. The six week mentorship offers a custom designed approach to deliver results exactly in the areas the you want to grow and improve.

  • Weekly focus is on a specific aspect of your business and craft.
  • Strategic direction, marketing and business development, technical workflow and production/shooting process refining/identifying and execution.
  • Clarity in where you're business is headed for the long-term. 
  • Launch or re-launch planning and strategy.
  • Key take-aways that will empower you to take your creativity and your business to the next level. 



One on ONE testimonials


" I loved everything about the day, especially that Cameron went above and beyond to coordinate an actual shoot and send me off with a bag full of reading material. Thank You!" - Sarah 


"An excellent experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Grateful to Cameron for sharing his time and talent with me. I appreciate having a new friend in the business!" - Heather


— African Proverb